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The Killers

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Тексты песен и аккорды

  1. A Crippling Blow

  2. A Dustland Fairytale

  3. A Great Big Sled

  4. A White Demon Love Song

  5. All The Pretty Face

  6. All The Pretty Faces

  7. All the Pretty Faces [Bonus Track]

  8. All these things that I've done

  9. All these thingsthat I've done

  10. Andy, You're A Star

  11. Be Still

  12. Believe me Natalie

  13. Bling

  14. Bling (confession Of A King)

  15. Bones

  16. Boots

  17. Change Your Mind

  18. Daddy's Eyes

  19. Desperate

  20. Don't Shoot Me Santa

  21. Enterlude

  22. Everything Will Be Alright

  23. Exitlude

  24. For Reasons Unknown

  25. Forget About What I Said

  26. Four Winds

  27. Four Winds (Conor Oberst cover)

  28. Get Trashed

  29. Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll

  30. Glamourous Indie Rock & Roll

  31. Go All The Way

  32. Goodnight, Travel Well

  33. Happy Birthday Guadalupe

  34. Human

  35. I Can't Stay

  36. Indie Rock And Roll

  37. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine

  38. Joy Ride

  39. Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf

  40. Losing Touch

  41. Midnight Show

  42. Moon River (Henry Mancini cover)

  43. Move Away

  44. Mr Brightside

  45. mr brightside (jacques lu cont

  46. Mr. Bright Side

  47. Mr. Brightsid (Thin White Duke vocal mix)

  48. Mr. Brightside (BONUS TRACK)

  49. Mr. Brightside (Hyde Park)

  50. Mr. Brightside (Jacque Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix)

  51. Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Con

  52. Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont`s Thin White Duke Mix)

  53. Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lucont's Thin White Duke Remix)

  54. Mr. Brightside (Jaques Lu Cont

  55. Mr. Brightside (Thin White Duk

  56. My List

  57. Neon Tiger

  58. On Top

  59. Read My Mind

  60. Read My Mind (Gabriel & Dresden's Unplugged Remix)

  61. Replaceable

  62. Romeo And Juliet

  63. Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town

  64. Runaways

  65. Runaways (RAC Mix)

  66. Sam's Town

  67. Sam's Town (Abbey Road Version)

  68. Shadowplay

  69. Show You How

  70. Smile like you mean it

  71. Soft Surrender (Where Is She?)

  72. Somebody told me

  73. Somebody Told Me (Dance Remix)

  74. Somebody Told Me (Insider Remi

  75. Somebody told me (Mylo remix)

  76. Somebody Told Me - Josh Harris

  77. Somebody told me u have a boyfriend he looks like a girlfriend

  78. Spaceman

  79. Sweet Talk

  80. The Ballad Of Michael Valentine

  81. The World We Live In

  82. This Is Your Life

  83. This River Is Wild

  84. Tidal Wave (Previously Unreleased)

  85. Tidalwave

  86. Tranquilize

  87. Uncle Jonny

  88. Under The Gun

  89. When You Were Young

  90. When You Were Young (Mix W&W - A State Of Sundays 02)[2010-09-20]

  91. Where The White Boys Dance

  92. Where the White Boys Dance [Bonus Track]

  93. Who Let You Go

  94. Why Do I Keep Counting?

  95. Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself

  96. Когда ты была молодой



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