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Bonnie Tyler

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Тексты песен и аккорды

  1. Against The Wind

  2. All Night To Know You

  3. All We Have Is Tonight

  4. Amazed

  5. Angel Heart

  6. Baby I Just Love You

  7. Bad Dreams

  8. Band Of Gold

  9. Before We Get Any Closer

  10. Bitterblue

  11. Born To Be A Winner

  12. Bridge Over Troubled Water

  13. Bye Bye Now My Sweet Love

  14. Call Me

  15. Careless Heart

  16. Clouds In My Coffee

  17. Cryin' A Little

  18. Daytime Friends

  19. Driving Me Wild

  20. Everybody Hurts

  21. Faster Than The Speed Of Night

  22. Fire In My Soul

  23. Fools Lullaby

  24. Forget Her

  25. From The Bottom Of My Lonely Heart

  26. Getting So Excited

  27. Give Me Your Love

  28. Given It All

  29. God Gave Love To You

  30. Going Through The Motions

  31. Goodbye To The Island

  32. Got So Used To Loving You

  33. Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

  34. He's Got A Hold On Me

  35. Heaven Is Here

  36. Here She Comes

  37. Here's Monday

  38. Hide Your Heart

  39. Holding Out For A Hero

  40. Holding Out For A Hero (версия #2)

  41. Holding Out For A Hero (версия #3)

  42. Holding Out For A Hero (версия #4)

  43. Human Touch

  44. I Believe In Your Sweet Love

  45. I Can't Make You Love Me

  46. I Climb Every Mountain

  47. I Cry Myself To Sleep At Night

  48. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

  49. I'm A Fool

  50. I'm Just A Woman

  51. I'm Only A Lonely Child

  52. If You Ever Need Me Again

  53. If You Were A Woman

  54. If You Were A Woman (And I Was A Man)

  55. In My Life

  56. It's A Heartache

  57. It's A Jungle Out There

  58. It's Over

  59. James Dean

  60. Keep Your Love Alive

  61. Lean On Me

  62. Learning To Fly

  63. Let The Show Begin

  64. Lost In France

  65. Louisiana Rain

  66. Love Is In Love Again

  67. Love Of A Rolling Stone

  68. Love Tangle

  69. Lovers Again

  70. Make It Right Tonight

  71. Making Love Out Of Nothing At All

  72. More Than A Lover

  73. My Guns Are Loaded

  74. Need Your Love So Bad

  75. No Way To Treat A Lady

  76. Nothing To Do With Love

  77. Piece Of My Heart

  78. Race To The Fire

  79. Ravishing

  80. Rebel Without A Clue

  81. Right Here Waiting

  82. Sally Comes Around

  83. Save Me

  84. Save Your Love

  85. Send Me The Pillow

  86. Sending Me Angels

  87. Sexual Device

  88. Silhouette In Red

  89. Sometimes When We Touch

  90. Stay

  91. Straight From The Heart

  92. Straight From The Heart (версия #2)

  93. Take A Chance

  94. Take Me Back

  95. Tears

  96. Tell Me The Truth

  97. The Closer You Get

  98. The Eyes Of A Fool

  99. The World Starts Tonight

  100. Till The End Of Time

  101. Time Mends A Broken Heart

  102. To Love Somebody

  103. Too Good To Last

  104. Too Hot

  105. Total Eclipse Of The Heart

  106. Total Eclipse Of The Heart (версия #2)

  107. Total Eclipse Of The Heart (версия #3)

  108. Total Eclipse Of The Heart (версия #4)

  109. We Danced On The Ceiling

  110. What A Way To Treat My Heart

  111. What You Got

  112. Whenever You Need Me

  113. Where Were You

  114. Whiter Shade Of Pale

  115. Why

  116. Wild Love

  117. Wild Side Of Life

  118. Words Can Change Your Life

  119. Years May Come

  120. You Are So Beautiful

  121. You Won't See Me Cry

  122. You're The Greatest Love

  123. You're The One



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