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Manfred Mann s Earth Band

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Тексты песен и аккорды

  1. 'Belle' of the Earth (версия #2)

  2. Adolescent Dream

  3. Africa Suite: Brothers and Sisters of Afrika

  4. Africa Suite: Brothers and Sisters of Azania

  5. Africa Suite: Koze Kobenini? (How Long Must We Wait?)

  6. Africa Suite: To Bantustan?

  7. Angels at My Gate

  8. Banquet

  9. Be Not Too Hard (for Life Is Short)

  10. Billie's Orno Bounce (Including Billie's Bounce)

  11. Blinded by the Light

  12. Blinded By The Light (Bruce Springsteen)

  13. Bulldog

  14. California

  15. California (Sue Vickers)

  16. Chicago Institute

  17. Chicago Institute (Peter Thomas/Mann/Fle

  18. Chicago Institute (peter Thomas/mann/flett)

  19. Circles

  20. Circles (Alan Mark)

  21. Davy's On the Road Again

  22. Davy's On The Road Again (john Simon & Robbie Robertson)

  23. Demolition Man

  24. Demons And Dragons

  25. Do Anything You Wanna Do

  26. Do Wah Diddy Diddy

  27. Don't Kill It Carol

  28. Drowing On Dry Land/Fish Soup (Slade)

  29. Drowning On Dry Land / Fish Soup

  30. Earth Hymn

  31. Earth the Circle (Part 1)

  32. Eyes Of Nostradamus

  33. Eyes Of Nostradamus (Bonus)

  34. Fat Nelly

  35. Father of Day, Father of Night

  36. For You

  37. For You (Bonus)

  38. Fritz The Blank

  39. Geronimo's Cadillac

  40. Give Me the Good Earth

  41. Going Underground

  42. Heart On The Street

  43. Hello, I Am Your Heart

  44. Hollywood Town

  45. In the Beginning, Darkness

  46. Joybringer (From Jupiter)

  47. Killer On the Loose

  48. Launching Place

  49. Lbs

  50. Lies (All Through the 80's)

  51. Lies (Through The 80's)

  52. Lies (Through The 80's) (Bonus)

  53. Lose the Touch

  54. Marha's Madmen (lane Tietgen)

  55. Martha's Madman

  56. Medicine Song (Apache Medicine Song)

  57. Mighty Quinn (Bob Dylan)

  58. Miss You

  59. Nature of the Beast

  60. Neptune (Icebringer)

  61. No Guarantee

  62. Nothing Ever Happens

  63. On The Run

  64. Play With Fire

  65. Pleasure and Pain

  66. Questions

  67. Questions (slade, Mann)

  68. Quit Your Low Down Ways

  69. Redemption Song (No Kwazulu)

  70. Redemption Song (No Kwazulu) (1982/83)

  71. Rescue

  72. Resurrection

  73. Rivers Run Dry

  74. Shelter from the Storm

  75. Sikelele (Based On South African Xhosa Stick Fighting Song)

  76. Sikelele I (Based on South African Xhosa Stick Fighting Song)

  77. Singing the Dolphin Through

  78. Singing The Dolphin Through (Mike Heron)

  79. Solar Fire

  80. Spirits in the Night

  81. Starbird

  82. Starbird (mann, Slade)

  83. Stranded

  84. Telegram to Monica

  85. The Complete History of Sexual Jealousy

  86. The Mighty Quinn

  87. The Price I Pay

  88. The Road to Babylon

  89. The Road To Babylon (mann, Thomas Pattenden)

  90. The Runner

  91. Third World Service

  92. This Side of Paradise

  93. This Side Of Paradise (mann, Pattenden, Thomas)

  94. Time Is Right

  95. Tribal Statistics

  96. Tumbling Ball

  97. Visionary Mountains

  98. Waiting For The Rain

  99. We're Going Wrong

  100. What You Give Is What You Get (Start)

  101. Wherever Love Drops (Part One)

  102. Wherever Love Drops (Part Two)

  103. Who Are the Mystery Kids?

  104. You Angel You

  105. You Are - I Am

  106. You Got Me Right Through the Heart



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