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The Flaming Lips

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Тексты песен и аккорды

  1. *******

  2. A Spoonful Weighs a Ton

  3. After the Goldrush

  4. All We Have Is Now

  5. Are You a Hypnotist?

  6. Bad Days

  7. Bag Full of Thoughts

  8. Be My Head

  9. Begs and Achin'

  10. Brainville

  11. Buggin' (the Buzz of Love Is Busy Buggin' You)

  12. Buggin' [Remix]

  13. Can't Exist

  14. Can't Stop the Spring

  15. Charlie Manson Blues

  16. Chewin the Apple of Yer Eye

  17. Chewin The Apple Of Your Eye

  18. Christmas At The Zoo

  19. Chrome Plated Suicide

  20. Convinced Of The Hex

  21. Do You Realize?

  22. Drug Machine In Heaven

  23. Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell

  24. Everything's Explodin'

  25. Evil Will Prevail

  26. Feeling Yourself Disintegrate

  27. Felt Good to Burn

  28. Fight Test

  29. Five Stop Mother Superior Rain

  30. Free Radicals

  31. Frogs

  32. Gingerale Afternoon

  33. Gingerale Afternoon (the Astrology of a Saturday)

  34. God Walks Among Us Now

  35. God Walks Among Us Now - Jesus Song No. 6

  36. Godzilla Flick

  37. Goin' On

  38. Guy Who Got A Headache and Accidentally

  39. Guy Who Got a Headache and Accidentally Saves the World

  40. Halloween on the Barbary Coast

  41. Hari-Krishna Stomp Wagon (Fuck Led Zeppelin)

  42. Haven't Got a Clue

  43. Hit Me Like You Did the First Time

  44. Hold Your Head

  45. If I Go Mad

  46. In the Morning of the Magicians

  47. It Overtakes Me / the Stars Are so Big, I Am so Small... Do I Stand a Chance?

  48. It's Summertime

  49. It's Summertime (Throbbing Orange Pallbearers)

  50. Jesus Shootin' Heroin

  51. Just Like Before

  52. Kim's Watermelon Gun

  53. Lightning Strikes The Postman

  54. Man From Pakistan

  55. Michael, Time to Wake Up

  56. Miracle on 42nd Street

  57. Moth In The Incubator

  58. Mountain Side

  59. Mountainside

  60. Mr. Ambulance Driver

  61. My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion

  62. Ode to C.C. Part One

  63. Ode to C.C. Part Two

  64. Oh My Pregnant Head

  65. Oh My Pregnant Head (Labia in the Sunlight)

  66. On The Run (Feat. Henry Rollins)

  67. One Million Billionth of a Millisecond o

  68. One Million Billionth of a Millisecond On a Sunday Morning

  69. One More Robot - Sympathy 3000-21

  70. Pilot Can At The Queer Of God

  71. Placebo Headwound

  72. Pompeii Am Gotterdammerung

  73. Psychiatric Explorations of the Fetus with Needles

  74. Race for the Prize (Mokran Mix)

  75. Race for the Prize (Sacrifice of the New Scientists)

  76. Rainin' Babies

  77. Redneck School of Technology

  78. Right Now

  79. Shaved Gorilla

  80. She Don't Use Jelly

  81. She Is Death

  82. Shine On Sweet Jesus

  83. Shine On Sweet Jesus - Jesus Song No.5

  84. Sleeping On the Roof

  85. Slow Nerve Action

  86. Speak To Me / Breathe (Feat. Henry Rollins & Peaches)

  87. Speak To Me / Breathe (feat. PEACHES and Henry Rollins)

  88. Stand In Line

  89. Staring at Sound / with You (Reprise)

  90. Strychnine / What's so Funny (About Peace, Love and Understanding)

  91. Suddenly Everthing Has Changed

  92. Suddenly Everything has Changed (Death Anxiety Caused by Moments of Boredom)

  93. Summertime Blues

  94. Superhumans

  95. Take Meta Mars

  96. Talkin' Bout the Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues (Everyone Wants to Live Forever)

  97. The Abandoned Hospital Ship

  98. The Gash (Battle Hymn for the Wounded Mathematician)

  99. The Great Gig In The Sky. Featuring Peaches And Henry Rollins (Pink Floyd cover)

  100. The Last Drop of Morning Dew

  101. The Magician Vs. the Headache

  102. The Sound of Failure / It's Dark... Is It Always This Dark??

  103. The Spark That Bled

  104. The Spark That Bled (the Softest Bullet Ever Shot)

  105. The Spiderbite Song

  106. The Spontaneous Combustion Of John

  107. The Sun

  108. The W.A.N.D. (The Will Always Negates Defeat)

  109. The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song

  110. The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (with All Your Power)

  111. There You Are

  112. There You Are - Jesus Song No. 7

  113. They Punctured My Yolk

  114. This Here Giraffe

  115. Trains, Brains & Rain

  116. Turn It On

  117. Unconsciously Screamin'

  118. Unplugged

  119. Up Above The Daily Hum

  120. Vein of Stars

  121. Waitin' for a Superman

  122. Waitin' for a Superman (Is It Gettin' Heavy?)

  123. Waitin' for a Superman (Mokran Mix)

  124. Waitin' for a Superman [Remix]

  125. What a Wonderful World

  126. What Is the Light?

  127. When Yer Twenty Two

  128. When You Smile

  129. With You

  130. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robot

  131. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1

  132. You Have to Be Joking

  133. You Have to Be Joking (Autopsy of the Devil's Brain)



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