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Crash Test Dummies

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Тексты песен и аккорды

  1. A Cigarette Is All You Get

  2. A Little Something

  3. A Worm's Life

  4. Aching To Sneeze

  5. Afternoons And Coffeespoons

  6. All Of This Ugly

  7. An Old Scab

  8. Androgynous

  9. At My Funeral

  10. Buzzin' Flies

  11. Comin' Back Soon

  12. Comin' Back Soon (The Bereft Man's Song)

  13. Every Morning

  14. Get You In The Morning

  15. Give Yourself A Hand

  16. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

  17. God Shuffled His Feet

  18. Good King Wenceslas

  19. Hangin' Tree

  20. He Liked To Feel It

  21. Here I Stand Before Me

  22. Here On Earth (I'll Have My Cake)

  23. How Does A Duck Know?

  24. How Does A Duck Know? (версия #2)

  25. How Does A Duck Now

  26. I Don't Care That You Don't Mind

  27. I Love Your Goo

  28. I Think I'll Disappear Now

  29. I Want To Par-tay!

  30. I'm A Dog

  31. I'm Outlived By That Thing?

  32. In The Bleak Midwinter

  33. In The Days Of The Caveman

  34. In The Days Of The Caveman (версия #2)

  35. In The Days Of The Caveman (версия #3)

  36. Just Chillin'

  37. Just Shoot Me, Baby

  38. Keep A Lid On Things

  39. Let It Feel Like Something Else

  40. Little Secret

  41. Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

  42. My Enemies

  43. My Own Sunrise

  44. My Own Sunrise (версия #2)

  45. Never Comin' Back

  46. Our Driver Gestures

  47. Pissed With Me

  48. Playing Dead

  49. Silent Night

  50. Superman's Song

  51. Swatting Flies

  52. Swimming In Your Ocean

  53. Swimming In Your Ocean (версия #2)

  54. Swimming In Your Ocean (версия #3)

  55. The Country Life

  56. The First Noel

  57. The Ghosts That Haunt Me

  58. The Little Drummer Boy

  59. The Psychic

  60. The Voyage

  61. There Are Many Dangers

  62. Thick-Necked Man

  63. Two Knights And Maidens

  64. We Three Kings

  65. When I Go Out With Artists

  66. When I Go Out With Artists (версия #2)

  67. When I Go Out With Artists (версия #3)

  68. White Christmas

  69. Winter Song



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