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Let It Rain


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Let It Rain”

  • Its in your eyes, you wanna cry But youre afraid to let go Sometime the past comes rushing back Emotions overflow You dont have to worry, you know Ill understand I wanna help you through it, anyway I can Im gonna be here for you, take me by my hand Break through these skies of gray, dont hold back (chorus) Let it rain Let your teardrops wash away the pain By your side I promise to remain My love will pour like sunshine through the rain Let it rain With every touch, Ill earn your trust Youll see my love is for real So let me in, Ill show you how to love again Dont have to hide how you feel Ill be here to hold you, hold you when you cry With my tenderness, Ill push the clouds aside Well make tonight the night, you leave it all behind Break through these skies of gray, dont look back (chorus) Youll see a brighter day Let my love lead the way To a rainbow in the sky Tears of joy will fill your eyes - let it rain (chorus)

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