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Just To Have You


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Just To Have You”

  • Just to have you Its a full moon night Something aint right Wind is bangin my door Call me insane I want this pain But its justified, its justifed, its justifed I swore I would never be this way But I cant stop this runaway train (chorus) I cant you out of my dreams I tell you Id do anything Just to have you here with me I know that Im in way too deep I would give up everything Just to have you here with me Theres a fire in my head Makin me sweat Keeps me coming back for more Well its crazy in here Cause I want these tears But its justified, its justified, its justified I swore youd never make me feel this way But I cant stop this runaway train (chorus) Dont know right from wrong Dont know where Im going Spending all my nights in a restless bed For you love Im waiting Its too late, its too late to hold my heart steady Spending my nights in a restless bed Theres a fire raging in my head

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