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Middle Finger Up


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Middle Finger Up”

  • [Intro] Yeah And I'm feelin like [x2] [Verse 1] And I'm feelin like What the heck is this, if you say you diss Imma tell you this, you gon' shoot and miss, imma shoot and hit Never blow a kiss, all I blow is chips Takes you off the list, can't co excist, you ain't gon' be missed Steady stacking chips, lookin' at the wrist, tryin' to see a gliss You ain't making this, see you getting pissed. New relationship, bad relationship, no relationship Guess it's cool for you to say I got a gift. If you ain't on a team, you ain't on a team. We gon' be supreme, you can do your thing at the limousine If you on a team, roll on with the dream- Tryin' to get ring, you gon' get a ring, you gon' be a king I aint 16, I ain't 17, tell me what you mean I'm a grown man, I be getting green Don't be sipping lean, tell me what you mean Never moving slow, quickest to the dough, I be getting green Hand thru the door, hand me some more, gamble it no! Got a kid that im grabbin' it fo'! Psych, I aint got a kid, if i ever did, then you know it's his Have a hundred milli and for i go (?) Asking me yo, after the show, whats your legacy Did you really go platinum or gold Answer them no, can't really show None of that in heaven, so I never really answer them so He got upset, he tryin' to get on the internet Tryin to tell 'em I ain't jammin' no mo' Can't dance on the floor, brag on the floor Feelin' like my voice really givin romance to the floor Sad for the dough, mad for the dough, bad for the dough ?? Faster I go, crash for the dough, Now I gotta go, cause I think a couple of fans coming bro.. [Chorus] I hate you, you hate me You think I'm living for you, then you must be crazy My middle finger up, Middle finger up [x7] Money don't make me... I hate you, you hate me can't tell me how to live my life because you aint me My middle finger up, Middle finger up [x7] Fo' those who hate me... [Verse 2] This song's for you, if you woke up this morning thinking about what you gonna do to hate on somebody who tryin' to build a dynasty, a legacy, I hope you see this when you look in the mirror-my middle finger up, middle finger up... What you wanna do, you don't have a clue, you was never true Meet me any place, you can get eraised, imma break your face, Let 'em make a case, let a hater sue Got a lil' problem with PCD, I never authorized this CD, Holla at my lawyer that can't see me, see me in the Aston Martin And I'm like beep beep!! Boys back in school, they was tryin' to talk down Platinum pot of gold, yeah thats what ya boy found, Looking like a fool, tell me how they talk now Running 'round the town, but I swear the boy clown How you talk trash when it's you that I fed Yeah I talk trash cause of you I ain't scared Tell me that I changed, 'cause I grew ain't got bread Sayin' that it's strange, that it's you thats not bled Down on the ground, clown of the town Say it to my face, you can find me, imma be around Wanna play the game, step up to the mound wanna be a snake, Imma be a shark, Imma see you drown [Chorus] I hate you, you hate me You think im living for you, then you must be crazy My middle finger up, Middle finger up [x7] (Money dont make me) I hate you, you hate me Can't tell me how to live my life because you aint me my middle finger up, middle finger up [x7] for those who hate me... Hello to my haters...

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