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Roll Call


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Roll Call”

  • [Intro] Attention, little kids I know, you're fans of his If it ain't no Cham, then it ain't gon jam I threw it, off a bridge And, if it hurts your ears And you're tired, of what you hear Homie have no fear, the Messiah's here We gon shut it down, this year yeah [Chamillionaire] A.N.I. out in Cleveland, Eminem out in taller Lucky Music in Abilene, waiting for my arrival Music City in V.A., say hey ain't nobody tighter Super Sounds in Atlanta, like where that Mix Tap Messiah Colorado fa sho, they say that Koopa's on fire Ask James at Eackazam, he'll tell you I'm no liar Been in the game for a minute, I'm one of the biggest suppliers I'm the rapper they waiting for, you the rapper they tired of How the hell you say you blew up so quick, and then rub it in When you ain't seen a royalty check, and know nothing bout publishing I feel sorry for the thirteen year old teenagers, who loving him They try to tangle with the sharks but I'm sorry, he doesn't swim I'ma rip off another limb, no need for partici-hating I suggest that you get to shaking the spot, and just switch locations I wouldn't stop if he told me, if him and Clark Kent was dating Cause he couldn't spit hotter than me, if that pussy was kissing Satan I know the public is waiting, for Controversy to sell Most of the rest of the real niggaz locked, and ain't made bail Pimp, Z-Ro, 50/50 locked up behind jail Cause of snitch figga ass niggaz, like Dike Jones trying to tell Who (hell naw), who (hell naw) He told me a different story, then the one he trying to tell y'all Who (hell naw), who (hell naw) I don't wan' diss my old dog, so I'ma chunk a deuce for Paul Who told DSR, that he make more than me and P And my nigga Slim Thee, Dike Jones could it be You could of praised my whole body, and couldn't afford a sleeve I don't even drop a c.d., and still clear more than forty G's A month and it's just my check, and ain't even got to my savings The money the bank is saving, plus the money my safe is saving Let's flame him, since he say that he blazing He blew up quick, and nobody was there to save him Keep it cool I tried to, but you know I'm a rider Get respect in Louisiana, and all the way down to Florida DJ Smallz, Atlanta with DJ Drama Off this money I make, I'll probably go hit the Bahammas Get respect in Cali, Vallejo they popping collars Get respect of the streets, you get respected to tollers So what I'm trying to say is, I'ma be here regardless I'm the rapper they waiting for, you the rapper they tired of (*talking*) Tha-thank you Chamillion, um You hear it here first, at WKTB work your booty Pimp radio station, and um There seems to be an excessive amount of fraud artists out here And we have a couple of artists here, that feel the same way Uh, let me hear what you have to say here sir [Chamillionaire] Let me silence all the talk, can't match up with my vault You ain't getting no respect, from real G's on the North You get put in duct tape, you cupcake you too soft Ain't no rapper got broke off, this hard since Tha Boss I've seen your chain, but how much did it cost You can't be like E.S.G., and let your body defrost Seen the studio that you was saying, was Swishahouse But that was Tow Down's studio, and that was the South You ain't, in the dope game Real niggaz know, he wasn't moving cocaine Real niggaz po' a whole cup, of that drank Niggaz I know, ain't repeating your name What you gonna say now, Dike is a clown Come around hurr, and you gon get beat down Man hold up I'm in the club, sipping crown And niggaz getting tired of Dike Jones, in D-Town And a one and a two, and a three nobody Who he messing with, man it sho ain't nobody (pass me the Nina), don't worry I got it Say whodie I'll blow his chest up, he won't have nobody I was gripping on my steal and wood wheel Music on the radio, I couldn't feel Popped in a grey tape, cause I'm trill Pussy gimmick nigga nigga, get real (get real) But nigga don't make me grab this steel Pull it, I'll levitate your crew Nigga you don't represent the real My nigga, don't ever say you do I turn that scene, to a crime scene Don't make me, yellow tape your shoe Cause DJ Screw, elevated Screw And Screw, elevated you Man bring it back, I'm with it

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