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So Complete

  • Исполнитель:

    P Diddy
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “So Complete”

  • [Verse 1] I remember what you said to me, when you said it to me last night we was talkin', and you reassured me everythings fine When I woke up this morning to get some loving from you I turned to one side, to my suprise, I wasn't layin' next to you(mmmm) Why don't you get closed to me, I thought it was supposed to be Me and you, you and me, so complete(so complete) While you handlin' me this way, what was it? you was talkin yesterday, yesterday, I could say, I seemed to be so complete, so complete [Chorus] Went away, you said nothing you didn't, no kiss, no lovin' you didn't, it's a shame, but it brings about the weak in me, brings about the weak in me you didn't, spend a lifetime with me you didn't, share things I wan'na see you didn't, when ever your around me it's so complete [Verse 2] So I waited, and I wanted, 'cause I knew you would come Hours 1, hour 2, hour, 3 hours, not at all If I'm dreaming, wake me up 'Cause I just about had enough, I had enough I can not see, how would you ever let this happen to me I still belive, that it was supposed to be Me and you, you and me, so complete So complete, so complete If you saying that you need to leave, then be a man about it and step to me, step to me, tell me please and without me it's so complete, so complete Repeat Chorus [Verse 3] Won't you tell me right now what you want from me(what you want from me) 'Cause it's been too long that you've held it in baby(held it in, oh) Thought you where the one but, you just played me(you know you played me) Now I feel that I'm so incomplete, yeah Repeat Chorus (with different variations) [Verse 4] Please, give me the respone I need I want you to complete me, oh baby Please, give me all the lovin' I need Promise you will complete me, oh baby Baby, what more can I say 'Cause I want you to tell me What it is you wanna do 'Cause I want'a be with you (be with you...)

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