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Too Bad Baby

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Too Bad Baby”

  • " Too bad baby, can this be, is there something wrong with you and me. Guess we'll see i confess i don't know how we got into this mess might have Guessed. Day by day you're slowly running out of things to say. So i may ask you why is it always me who has to try. To make things feel right. [pre-chorus:] You never told what you feel inside, i thought you loved me, now i realise. No matter how i try You never seem to be satisfied. And now you're tellin' me it's... [chorus: x2] Too bad baby that you're so good to me, i like you, you love me. Too bad baby you're so into me, i can't breathe. You fall in love too easily. Me and you, are slowly running out of things to do, nothing new. I don't know, just why we don't agree, when i say yes, and you say no. Don't be shy, please tell why it is that we don't see Eye to eye So confused, i'm feeling helpless and i'm feeling used. Like yesterdays news, girl [pre-chorus] [chorus] [break] It started from the day i met her Walked over me i let her. Friends who told me go and get her They're telling me forget her. Too bad baby, think i'm going crazy. Someone take me Nothings gonna save me. [chorus: repeat till end]

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