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Warm Hands, Cold Heart

  • Исполнитель:

    Des ree
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Warm Hands, Cold Heart”

  • One rainy day, chivalry walked up to me Asking for directions to a good time Dashing was his smile, responded i instinctively Accept the invitation for a while I couldn't get away, i sipped the wine, i wanted more He was psychological addiction, i bowed my head to pray But the devil said "girl, stay and play" I was so exposed, had no protection He had: warm hands, cold heart Tryin' to love and tryin' to please Wit, charm, a head start, almost brought me to my knees Warm hands, cold heart, trying to love a better day Almost spirited me away My will left home, packed its bags and flew away Dashing was my succour, was my weakness I was so alone, would have stayed that way a thousand days I enjoyed his bitter, not his sweetness He was messin' with my psyche, he was playin' with my mind Adventure and excitement, can be hard to find But the pleasure in the danger, was so intoxicating I had to break away. yeah, yeah, yeah Warm hands, cold heart Wit, charm, head start Warm hands, cold heart Wit, charm, head start

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