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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Kayleigh”

  • Track 2 from _Misplaced Childhood_ Do you remember, chalk hearts melting on a playground wall? Do you remember, dawn escaped from moonwashed college halls? Do you remember, the cherry blossom in the market square? Do you remember, I thought it was confetti in our hair By the way didn't I break your heart? Please excuse me, I never meant to break your heart. So sorry I never meant to break your heart. But you broke mine. Kayleigh is it too late to say I'm sorry. Kayleigh could we get it together again. I can't go on pretending that it came to a natural end. Kayleigh I never thought I'd miss you, and Kayleigh I'd hoped that we'd always be friends. We said our love would last forever, so how did it come to this bitter end. Do you remember, barefoot on the lawn with shooting stars Do you remember, loving on the floor in Belsize Park Do you remember, dancing in stilletos in the snow Do you remember, you never understood I had to go. By the way, didn't I break your heart ? Please excuse me I never meant to break your heart So sorry, I never meant to break your heart, But you broke mine. Kayleigh, I just want to say I'm sorry, but Kayleigh I'm too scared to pick up the phone. To find you've found another lover to patch up our broken home. Kayleigh, I'm still trying to write that love song, Kayleigh it's more important to me now you're gone. Maybe it'll prove that we were right Or it will prove that I was wrong.

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