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End Of The World

  • Исполнитель:

    Ben Lee
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “End Of The World”

  • On the last day of the world On the last day of history Im gonna live like I always wanted Im gonna live like I really was free And when it finally happens When they say it on tv You can bet your life that Ill be the first one Dancing in the street Youll have your scientist expert nuclear physicist Saying that he cant explain Maybe its a meteor nuclear bomb missile launch A final plague acid rain Then hell tell you its the last day of your life And you must not leave your home Therell be millions of people all around the world Praying to the cnn God alone But Im gonna dance and Im gonna sing When I hear those words said Im gonna smash my favorite guitar Burn every book Ive ever read Then Im gonna gather all my friends together Well get drunk and well get high And then well chain smoke cigarettes It doesnt matter cos were all gonna die Im gonna tear down the main city street In a stolen police car Record the worlds trashiest song And make myself a star Then Im gonna come back home and sit and think About every word Ive said Take a photo of myself as a souvenir cos by the end of the day Ill be dead And then Ill come round to your place With a flower and a song Im gonna rest my tired head in your lap And cry about all the things Ive done wrong Then Im gonna look at you just one last time And smile at the life I chose Then let one final tear past my eye Before the world explodes

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