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A Girl Like Me


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “A Girl Like Me”

  • You know like I know you aint never ever met nobody like me You know like I know you aint never ever met nobody like me Chorus You never met a girl like me I aint goin other places you be Who you run with who you having fun with Thats how it is when you got a down low chick on ya team Verse 1 I might wake you up in the morning and cook for you If you having problem with a song Ill write a hook for you 11:30 at night I aint gonna look for you Cause I know you coming home with me I will never stress you or make you feel misled If you wanna go to the movies Ill flip it instead You dont pay me I get this with my bread my bread Cause you know my money aint a thang a thang Chorus 2x Verse 2 If you trying to be out to the party Ill let you go If you want be out with somebody thats when I show You do as you please cause baby thats how you know that Theres no other place that Id rather go I aint trying to be fussin and fightin up on yo back Anytime you need me you know that Im getting yoback Aint no one like me I want you to know that know that I aint changing nothing cause its like that like that Bridge I know youre used to lovers That treat you like their mother So I know its hard to understand when I say Im your girl but Im like your man No matter if its sweet talk or street talk Im right here by your side And soon youll come to see How it is to be Down with a chick like me Chorus 4x

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