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  • Исполнитель:

    Mac Miller
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Cold”

  • [Hook] Who the coldest motherfucker in the room? Coldest motherfucker in the room? Who the coldest motherfucker in the room? Coldest motherfucker in the room? Who the coldest motherfucker that you know? Who the coldest motherfucker that you know? Bring him 'round here he's gettin' froze (He's gettin' froze, he's gettin' froze) [Verse 1: Mac Miller] Roll it up, let's smoke And tell me why your bitch look like Glenn Close I'm on my own two, that's ten toes First a rule of sly, somebody says go Why you bent low when your Jordans' retro Girls playin' games for the bills, they Drew Bledsoe There's a lot that you can buy, but I'll never own And a lot of information that I'll never know Learn 'til they get concerned for my sanity Your life is filled with vanity, needs a little clarity This the truth, this a taste, can you handle it? A million dollars couldn't cover up the damages Naked girl at the crib makin' sandwiches And when we makin' love I got a candle lit Some romantic shit to put her in the mood The world woke me up, now I'm lookin' at the snooze [Hook] [Verse 2: Curren$y] Life, look at my hands I'm the lord of the rings Musical cocaine brought me all of these Carrera keys Soft top goin' hard on the block freeze that talk And that plot about walkin' up on me No security just my homies, the well dressed army Presidential arm piece, my credentials I'm a G All access jets wherever you won't be Snatch that 'vette for my mans the day of his prison release Shoe was on the other foot I know he would've done the same thing for me But we'll let that be Park it in the spot right next to my b with the chrome wings I was sent here to own things Both sides of the court, colder than the airport Therefore I'm the one that holds hair for, yeah what [Hook]

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