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    Mac Miller
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “S.D.S.”

  • [Verse 1]Close my eyes before I cross the street If a car about to hit me, then he ought to beep Watching Dawson's Creek 'til I fall asleep It's harder than it seems, I'm under water in my dreams I’m in awe, this jigsaw, puzzles not complete I'm just an idea, nothing concrete Came to raise limits, get higher than plane engines They tryna change with us, but come to the same difference Shut your pie-hole, I'm dope and I know My voice sound like it was a sample off a vinyl I don't mind those hatin' on my style I tend to take the high road, get stoned and fly low I'm no god, I don't think that I'm a human, though cause I'm so odd People sellin' drugs cause they can't find no job Wonder if Christ made a million off selling the cross Let bygones be bygones, my mind strong as pythons The day that I die on will turn me to an icon Search the world for Zion or a shoulder I can cry on The best of all time, I'm Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan [Bridge]Somebody do somethin' Somebody do somethin' Somebody do somethin' Somebody do somethin' Somebody move somethin' Somebody move somethin' Somebody move somethin' Somebody move somethin' It ain't no party like aristocratic party Said, ain't no party like aristocratic party [Verse 2]Sipping Jameson like I majored in whiskey flavouring When I'm drunk, I'll cut your head off and leave it dangling FlyLo's still tryna put me on to Ableton Asian women love me, I look like David Duchovny In kindergarten, used to put some condoms in my cubby In case one of these hoes was tryna fuck me I ain't nobody, and neither are you Been contemplating if I even still believe in the truth I'm so stubborn, I'd rather write my own history book Where the world don't give a fuck 'bout how you physically look All your songs are sixteen's and a hook We're here to reinvent music, it's time for the revolution I'm down for the movement, trying not to lose it Jewish Buddhist tryna consume the views of Christianity Wonder if Hindus like to eat fish soup If it's true, they should hit Alaska in an igloo I hear the fish biting nice right now I can't figure out life and feel right right now Boo, if I think it, I should say it, there's a reason that I write it down Spit the shit that leave a diaper brown, poo [Outro]Somebody do somethin' Somebody do somethin' Somebody do somethin' And... somebody move somethin' Somebody move somethin' You right there... Somebody move somethin' Somebody move somethin'

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