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The First Of The Century


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “The First Of The Century”

  • You know You can be The first of This century To bleed through To find truth To know what You should do You know It could be Anything Sometimes (sometimes) You might find (you might find) A crack or (a crack or) A fault line (a fault line) But dressed down (but dressed down) Or made up (or made up) You'll find (you'll find) A real love (a real love) A place to Come home to At night So what did we pay for And why did we care What were we after And why was it there Cause i have gave way to a false sense of hope And we fell for the lie that its what we all chose And i yell to my friends It will all be ok But they didnt believe me They still dont today They never do anything the haven't before In the same Solid room with no lock on the door and over and over and over again The same false solutions to all the same problems Scream why why i cant understand Why the things that i do never go as i plan And the vultures begin Then some circle in (?) The dogs lay their teeth (?) Bright white and gleaming But just hold your self Barely begun ...?... Let's see what you've got This wide open shot Take it or leave it Cause we're getting out We're getting out Of here And you'll never Find us again You'll never find us again

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