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Sing It!


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Sing It!”

  • i'm breaking out today and i cannot wait to leave this place where everyone is playing their own game and everything stays the same when i overheard you, babe you kept saying things will never change that you don't have the strength to get away well, what an awful shame sing, sing, sing it like nobody's got the cure like it's the end of the world sing, sing, sing it as long as your lungs can bare don't (ever) tell me that i can't (sing) i mean what i say this time i won't waste my breath to save this life when all you know is built on lies that's when dreams die so i'm gonna burn it down watch as the flames run through this town and by the time you feel the pain i'll be miles away sing it like you mean it (nobody's got the cure) hit me with your best shot (as long as your lungs can bare) as long as your lungs can bare i know the streets like the back of my own hand repeat the words that i wish i never said i can't believe how i threw it all away for you now you're lost and you're asking for my help you got yourself to blame and no one else i can't believe that i threw it all away for you

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