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Isabella's Eyes

  • Исполнитель:

    Kenny Loggins
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Isabella's Eyes”

  • Somewhere out in space A moonlit face was watching Lookin' to find a time to become. Slowly two lovers lay hypnotized Holding the moment in their eyes. World in changes. Lightly one by one, We try to hide the mirrors. But baby they just keep turnin' up And I know you can't look away from you When you're lookin' in into CHORUS Isabella's eyes Shine your light and make your mama smile. All our angels come To welcome the awakening one Awakening wonder (Repeat Chorus after second verse, then go down to 3rd verse) (Repeat Chorus after third verse) Once I met a man who knew where he was goin' And let everybody tag along. But suddenly love had another plan. Shook him and took him by the hand. World in changes. 'N' there's a boy I know Believes that he's in danger He'll never give up without a fight. If you open your heart There's no way to lose So just surrender to BACK TO CHORUS Millions of dreams are part of the plan, But you are the one dream that's real. This changes everything Now that I am In the spell of Isabella's eyes. BACK TO CHORUS

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