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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Nitro”

  • Its a brand new song, JD, Mis-Teeq are coming back strong Are you ready for a brand new track? Its a brand new day, so make way for the ladies - ha Verse 1 So where you been where you gone? Since July I've beeen round the world 50 times, So tell me where's the action? I'm feeling miami, cruising down Ocean Drive, So tell me what have you learnt? I've learnt to just keep my cool and let it ride, So tell me when's it your turn? 2003 we're gonna blow the spot Bridge Mis-Teeq's gonna show ya, got something for ya, Coming to destroy ya, We got a little something gonna blow ya mind, We ain't gonna bore, coming back on tour, Lots of funky melodies you're gonna like for sure Chorus Newsflash, newsflash, We're back, we're back, Mis-Teeq with another hot track, Put on ya seat belt, green light, go, Accelerate blow like Nitro, New rhymes, new rhymes, New times, new times and we're still lickin' on both sides, Put on ya seat belt, green light, go, accelerate blow like Nitro Verse 2 So whats's next on your cards? Back to the UK gonna rip up the charts, They didn't think it would last! No media hype's gonna fear me and my girls apart, Did the fame change your heart? I remained the same grounded from the start, You're coming back with a blast! 2003 we're gonna blow the spot Bridge, Chorus Rap I think you will find that we are one of a kind, we are the missus divine, we're gonna tickle ya spine Like freud resurrected play with ya mind we feed you the nourishment your body can't find, Mis-Teeq's back with the flow, are you ready for the sound that we bring say so, ready for the songs that we've wrote say yo, Ready for the launch of a brand new flow! 1,2,3,4 we're bringing flavours that you've never heard before, 3 women MCs ya know we're breaking down ya doors, Be in the studio from dusk till dawn and when the sun rises, Straight to the moon the children be singing, The Mis-Teeq songs then the damage is done, We're feeling good you know we're second to none, yo, We're gonna bring ya some new action Chorus x2 You'll see you're in for a treat, JD and Mis-Teeq bringing you some brand new flavours Repeat to end

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