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It's Beginning To Feel Like Love

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  • Verse 1, When we met I was a shy kinda girl I had no worries, not a care in the world You take me places I would never have dreamed And now I'm loosing all control so it seems I'm so glad I found you Chorus I can hardly get to sleep You're in my head it's getting deep That frist stage clue, I'm crazy for you When my feelings start to show When my body tells me so, I know it's true It's beginning to feel like, beginning to feels like love Like the sun on my skin on a hot summers day Like a song in my head that won't go away Like the smile on my face 'cos you make me happy Ohhhh Verse 2, Everyday feels so special just like the first You caught me by surprise I thought love would hurt I'm ready for whatever you got to give And I'm not looking back no more I wanna live And I'm so glad I found you Chorus Bridge, Baby now I'm loving you (I love) I know what I gotta do There aint no life here without you I'll build my whole world around you So now I make you a promise Stay true be fithful and honest Let's take this journey together For worse or for better Chorus repeat to end Outro x3 Can't run can't hide feels right how I'm loving you

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