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Good Bye

  • Исполнитель:

    Jagged Edge
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Good Bye”

  • Sometimes what maybe the best thing for you to do Somethimess that's the hardest thing for you to do And that's That's real, man Cause I know I love you I know how i feel about you But I also know It don't make everything alright And for that reason I got to say goodbye Vearse 1 Tell me have you ever been in a situation Where the best thing you could Is the hardest thing you ever done (The hardest thing you ever done) And I know deep down inside That I really want to be there by your side But I can't stand to see you cry Not when it's because of me Hook When it's over I'll never love another I'm always thinking of her I'm doing this because of her Don't want to say goodbye I don't want to let her see me cry Looking out my window and wondering why Did we have to say all those things That we said last night Baby I don't want to say goodbye So I'm just stranding here wondering why Just don't like to see when you cry So I'mma say goodbye Verse2 You think cause I packed your stuff Inside I'm really really cracking up Cause you're wrong I just hide it good Cause I know that's what you need girl And it's more to life Than loving yourself You gotta learn to love somebody else, yeah And that's why I do the things I do Hook Bridge There's no one in this world That could ever take you place All the love that we share It could never be erased And I know that That it hurt so bad And im sorry But you're the best I had (repeat 3 times)

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