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Imaginary Girl

  • Исполнитель:

    John Waite
  • Просмотров:



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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Imaginary Girl”

  • Do you think you have to act Like youre someone else with me Like a cover girl Or a barbie doll Or a beauty queen Youll be gone when I wake up To the rolling stones And the jukes and earls But I aint looking for An imaginary girl Who are you really? Come on tell me Deep behind blue eyes And whats on todays agenda In your enterprise Do you weigh the odds before you speak Straighten out your curls But Im not taken in By an imaginary girl Yeah Who are you trying to be Why are you so counterfeit Whats your problem Who do you want to be anyway Cause I need reality Thats right Come on be straight with me Youre like a damaged nerve Youre like a dirt road curve Do you think you have to act Like your someone else with me Cause I dont believe you Youre an imaginary girl Dont believe you babe Thought I saw you once When you just let go And took your heart down off the shelf When you turned around and looked at me baby You were nobody else Thats what Im looking for deep inside of you That hidden precious pearl Not the act of love From an imaginary girl I cant buy into your imaginary world Yeah Wont be taken in By an imaginary girl So who are you saving it for In your imaginary world Yeah I guess Im resigned to an imaginary girl Im in love with an imaginary girl

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