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Born For Adversity


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Born For Adversity”

  • There’s no party now! They have played your mind and emotions well, To make you think that you are in hell. You are insecure, you have never known What is behind that door, but you are not alone! Join the fight and make this war, That’s a battle of all time, The only way to prove who you are. Get ready for this! Fight like you have never done before, You don’t have to hide anymore, There is something to die for. Look at this world! You know that is never too late To stop pretending and choose your fate. Listen to this sound of hate! Oh! This is my only goal! To fight against our fall! Let’s try to kill them all! We are all concerned about this! Oh! This is our only goal! To fight against our fall! Let’s try to kill them all! Let’s fight for your rights! Get ready for this. Get ready for anything! Prove that you exist. Prove that you can resist! You have to persist to fight them to subsist. This is how we bring out parasites!

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