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Seven Thousand Miles For What

  • Исполнитель:

    Of Mice & Men
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Seven Thousand Miles For What”

  • Since when did you become so cold, And such a life-less piece of work? I can't take the sound of you anymore, Or the thought of you. Don't worry, Take what you need, I left you and your dying breed. But before we forget, When the lights burn out, Don't come home crying to me. I will, Surrender myself, For the better health, Of someone who really cares. Why would you throw it away so fast? It's gotta' get better than this, Too hard for too long, I'm holdin' on, Try to go but it just don't feel right. This light, Your eyes, I'm easy. I should've known better by now, But you look so, Damn good. Go get your black dress baby, And put your dancin' shoes on [x2] I swear to God, My intentions were gold, I swear to God, My intentions were, Gold. Run away, From your mistakes. Just like the ones you hid from me. Why can't you see that, I was expecting this all along? The road is long, Where's the light? I'm tired of walking alone. Alone. Alone. I hope you know, I hope you know, I left you long before you left me [x2] Time's up

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