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In Loving Memory

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “In Loving Memory”

  • I took advantage, took you for granted If this what you wanted, well I got what I deserved The worthless hurt resides inside of this broken man She was such a graceful creature ,she was such a worthy teacher But how can one unlearn such love when love is war, is love is war my dear I spit the blood from my mouth crying, I cannot express my "undying" love For all you've given me for all you've taken Man can change, can change, this man can change... A bloodless kindred that never hindered The chest has splintered, the bond has over-wintered Heart cracked in several places... Listen to the stream so violent, climbing up the hill so silent Destitute inside these veins were slowly closing up, this heart weakened Chances are you'll never get this, bled me dry it's time to forget this No-ones ever seen me like this, should I ever fall this deep in love again? Please forget the year I failed you, I won't hold you anymore Pitched a tent in Sunny Lynton... I wanted it back, I wanted it back, I wanted it back And now I know just where those lips have been, I won't kiss you anymore It seems these days always don't quite cut it But you know best, yeah you know best, yeah you know best I cannot let it rest in piece dear, I'll consume myself it was my only true fear I hate this fucking aftertaste and I hate it even more without you here This love was my pain, my hurt, my cancer, and all I wanted was to find an answer You love and respect someone so deeply and then you lose them for your own, your own self odium (For all you've given me, for all you've taken)

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