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Killed By An Angel


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Killed By An Angel”

  • (verse 1) Welcome to the lonesome world of Abel Where every brother's knife is set to slay you And paranoia keeps you healthy Crooked deals can make you wealthy Serum vials to help you when you're sad Every other face is bent and broken Wrap your teeth around the only game in town made your clothes from insulation Break your day for pay and ration Hide Hide Hide (chorus) Killed by an angel Lost inside amazing colors It's never how you feel It comes in a bottle Lets say you found a gun How would your bad side burn? It's never how you feel It comes in a bottle. (verse 2) Relax and all these whores will lick the membrane Just a touch, a stain, a hole in your brain It's cold when you remove the nails Beg for more when all else fails Serum vials to help you when you're sad *CHORUS* The way the sea reflects the sun, long gone And all the miracles of love, long gone You hold your heart out in your hand one last long sigh gone one last long sigh gone (verse 3) When you see the sores you can't believe them Pathogenic lovers in the basement cell Dirty white sheets cut up in strips Cracks in the mirror and your mind slips Serum vials to help you when you're sad *CHORUS* Killed by an angel Killed by an angel

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