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Yay Area

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Yay Area”

  • [Verse 1] Heavyweight, a vet not an amateur (What else?) Looted up, I pushed pies like moon calendar (What you gonna do?) Shoot it up if I must, take over shop Get out the car and walk, sneak up on partner and do a dome-shot Ka-pow, ka-pow, ka-pow, ka-pow, oooh Then I blend into the crowd ... Hang with a bunch of hotheads, super hyphy and wild Tell your batch to stop asking about a player Get quiet about a player, can't fuck her right now, later I'm busy getting my paper and riding around in my scraper Interacting, networking and campaigning like Arnold Schwarzenegger Like McCormick's, I'm seasoned, I run my reason (You run your reason) Y'all think I'm starving, hell naw nigga, I'm eating (We eating) They barking like Dino, lying and cheating Keep jacking my lingo, one of these rappers gone end up leaking [Hook x4] Yay Area!! Like that, tell the people that 40 Water is back [Verse 2] We be to rap, what key be to lock (Key be to lock) Cut a quarter or two and bend the block (Bend the block) The West aint been the same without Pac So I, guess it's up to E-40 and Rick Rock, oooh ... Stunting... you hear 40 new shit, he on there coming You hear 40 new shit, he on there dumping Be all the women talk about, that nigga something, oooh (Where you born at?) Born and raised in the Yay (Uh huh) Got some folks in Lumpockets, Skeleton Bay ... Kilo grams I had to measure, finger on my heckler Having more paper... than a paper shredder, oooh Tycoon till I fall (Till I fall)... I don't sound like none of y'all (none of y'all) You getting independent scratch (Uh huh), just remember the nigga that taught you that [Hook x4] Yay Area!! Like that, tell the people that 40 Water is back [Verse 3] Oooh, (Who you loyal to?) Loyal to my soil Never leave the pound without my blessing oil (Uh huh) Cuz I surround myself with felons (What they do?) Pop inner-tubes and bust melons, oooh ... Hustlers... On the look-out for the racket-busters, on the look-out for the fools The racket-busters mean them people, them folks, them undercovers Never tell a batch what you up to (What she might do?) Cuz one day she might tell on you (And what else?) And you'll be sitting in the can (While she what?) While she fucking on your friends (Uh huh) Spending all your yaper (What else pimp?) Riding round in your scraper (What she giving?) Giving brains (Uh huh), all the hood homies run the choo-choo train [Hook x4] Yay Area!! Like that, tell the people that 40 Water is back

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