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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Circumstances”

  • [E-40] Uhh, dry as the fuck, and I'm (?) one left with yo-yo Seven houses down, black street, dark (?) folk don't matter tho' I don't know who to trust, what to look fo' How many niggaz wanna kill me? I'm havin a, hard time tryin to determine if that's the homey, or the enemy Ol' shady-ass, no build for that Just lookin like he plottin on somethin-ass nigga But I wanted to mack like he fin' to do somethin and I'll get to be dumpin on yo' ass nigga One of the main rules, of the game, without a doubt Nigga don't you ever pull a gun and don't use it Nigga that's a good way to get your brains blow out Motherfucker like me get to flashin then I lose it Leave that ol' shit up to me and watch me prove it Nigga, you betta be real about this shit If you in it you in it don't be no punk Nigga this ain't no baseball game, niggaz don't FORFEIT NO DAMN FUNK [T-Pup] Two brothers goin sack for sack in the back of the 'llac, takin a whiffle Strippin the fuck up out of some willow Poppin ecstasy like Skittles It'll get you in the long run, sniffin them long ones Way girl burst ya dick and now it got ya on one Came up shorted, circumstances nigga quote it What goes around comes around tryin to steal this (?) Brady hostess Keep your focus, and never the love of the hocus pocus Set up hoes lovin to get jackers to come and smoke us Die-hard soldier, T-Pup-alicious, cops get vicious No mercy on haters or no bitches Got in my clitches waitin for a nigga to take some chances so we can deal with these hardco' Sic-Wid-It-ass circumstances Chorus: various singers together Takin all these CHANCES You might never ever ever get them CIRCUMSTANCES Penitentiary CHANCES You might never ever ever get them CIRCUMSTANCES Chorus Two: Cold 187um, Kokane + more (repeat 2X) I said the world is full of crack babies I remember when the world went crazy Til I copped a sack, and put it down like that and rolled out like it didn't even fade me [Yukmouth] Nigga - slang suga delight enough to get my hustle right It's double like, a flip new Benzo with the bubble lights Scuffle fights with rats and roaches, I was the brokest motherfucker, now I'm the closest nigga to ballin ferocious motherfucker, dust a nigga off like wax off, cracks off a hard (Fo' sheezy) Pimpin ain't easy and motherfucker only if you breezy Easy does it, I does it do it off the fluid Come with the newest shit I come through with Bitch don't you hear the music? (Don't you hear the music? Too sexy for my shirt) Too sexy for my shirt so bad hurt niggaz on the turf wanna put my ass up in the dirt, cause I skirt a Lex-o and slurp a genie bottle full of X-O or maybe cause I'm with 40-Water and a jug of ethel You can't love it, don't leave the ghetto Me and I'm heated like two jugs of methyl [Numskull] Damn, (??)cydal shit when vital shit starts to happen Eager to be the nigga just for cappin Strappin up ain't no thang, it's survival It's makin sure you all good when it comes to enemies and rivals It's +Higher Learning+, but it's +True Lies+ when it comes to the +Superfly+ Speedy Gonzalez destroyes from the Eastside Is it ridicule or stardom? Did we hurt yo' feelings, pardon I'm makin niggaz fall like cops on +Rage in Harlem+ (Beotch!) I'm on some moonshine shit Bit the cork off the Cristal I'm drunk so let me chill for a while Chorus Chorus Two [Celly Cel] Aww yeah yeah now niggaz know Well ain't no sense in me fuckin around My stompin ground be the H-I-double-L-S-I-D-E bound to touch you with them tecs and make them marks, bounce like checks Slide a faulty bitch up under these niggaz and killin 'em off with sex Ain't no tellin what angle I'm comin with these circumstances Penitentiary chances, nina ruff fluffin tap dancers on your hood for breedin snitch bitch-made niggaz Don't fade triggers so they quick get sprayed niggaz I fuck with wig-splitters, Colombian neck-tie throat slitters (??) take a long time business to get paid to get rid of you cheater Chatter police-ass niggaz takin chances (takin chances) Man you can't fuck with these circumstances [E-40] And all you O.G. motherfuckers better stop tryin to mark them yungsta cause sooner or later, they gon' dump, like some garbage dusters Tryin to throw yo' weight around, like you gon', uhh, take over a spot Nigga don't you know these youngsters nowadays be off that water and hot? Chorus Chorus Two

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