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It Is What It Is

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  • [E-40] It is what it izzzzzz.. It is what it izzzzzz.. You try compromisin, nope - they don't wanna talk And they got them nuts that's off that Acapulco powdered chalk So he untouchable - oh he can be touched?? Well where he stay at then - he stay by such and such?? Well since we got altercations with these so-called knuckleheads we gon' play for dooms And I assume we get radar on fool in dem livin rooms Bet - motherfucker ain't fin' ta be runnin around here drippin sweat Havin hot flashes and shit over these fulla bitch-made and a half-ass dicks You ripped? Let's take it to 'em sick Hit all they spots at once - pour it on 'em thick Who got the suey chops?? They in my folks garage Well where he at?? He at the TravelLodge - BEEP THAT NIGGA! Tell him to get here right now quick now it's gon' be some shit Tell him to bring enough ammunition to blow up a ship Bullshit ain't nothin this here been goin on just a little bit too long Plus I got a family and kids to raise and I plan on seein 'em get grown Get straight to the root of the problem Get rid of the source that's what what Get rid of the big cheese and the majority of these niggaz gon' back the fuck up Somebody gon' mind somethin, time to validate my respection Hit the corner dumpin, in the big-ass (??) stationwagon CATCH THEM BITCH-ASS!! That's what I told my driver man while I was tryin to get him to get in a position so that I could open fire FUCK A SKI MASK!! Unpolished fish grease LET THE FULLY BLAST!! May he rest in piss Miss smash up outta there I brought them boys, but I shoulda brought it like a concert Fool's still alive, John Murell(?) Trauma Center, Concord Shoulda doused him, shouldn'ta never found him Shoulda handled biz, but for now, it is what it izzzzz.. It is what it izzzzzz.. It is what it izzzzzz.. It is what it izzzzzz.. [Kaveo] Aight, ay dude, this all I wanna know What's wrong with this sad to be glad-ass noggas? Don't they know that fools is laced with assassin skills? Kill at will, gonna put your hat on the rack for a cool mill'? (Awww it's gon' get done) but now the heat has been spared How we gon' get him out of intensive care and put him under the wing of a pall-bear? [E-40] One of my potnahs got a plug on some silencers, he knows some agents He used dem (??) (??) shot on several different occasions What that mean his family gon' boo-hoo when I smash that card Better stay on a nigga brain give a FUCK ABOUT A DIE-HARD! I know this one botch with a big-ass crotch by the name of Connie She works in ICU and she dates this nigga named Mitchski Ronnie Have nab him at the hospital, THAT'LL WORK Paid a nurse to pull the plug on the LIFE SUPPORT Risky business but it's organized class and the shit sound sharp but if we fuck around and make it look too obvious the broad might her lose her job Tough luck that shit no better than fuckin for ME NOW I gots no toilet paper feelings for her anyhow The shit is crampin my livin style, floatin from telly to telly Conspiracy murder plots phone conversations overheard by fedarale I'm guessin fool musta passed away, tragic losses On the wall they got my picture at the post office After travellin bouncin back and forth to different states they finally caught me up in Kansas City at a barbecue spot called Gates Do the crime do the time - it ain't for no bitch and as long as a nigga twerkin in the kitchen, he ain't trippin I'll be up in that bitch makin spreads, drinkin Pruno Cocoa and coffee Cadillacs, jumpin jacks Takin flicks, shootin kites, makin wishes Fuck around and get mad on the strength of con-ju-gal vi-sits Flip the weight pile, hit my fee-vee(?) Keep my shank close by me when I'm slee-py Shouldn'ta caught me, shouldn'ta never found me Shoulda handled biz, but it's too late, it is what it izzzzz.. It is what it izzzzzz.. It is what it izzzzzz.. It is what it izzzzzz.. [Kaveo] Oh, ohh I see It is what it was, and what it was is just what's been taught Handle biz when it's to be done, and I mean rip you dig? Cause ain't no sense in savin leftovers That's yesterday's thing, roll with the right now and everything gon' be is, what it izzzzzz..

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