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Nuttin Ass Nigga

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  • I'm not a nuttin' ass nigga, just down for my riches, I figure it takes About a million or 500.000 tapes To become officially gold or platinum status That's why I'm always at this Practise, in and out tha studio 24-7 My occupation, this is how I make my livin' I get harrassed mostly everywhere I go Can do my thing without a motherfuckin' popo All up in my mix, cause I'm tryin' to maintain And get a grip light weight fame Born and raised in tha valley south Vallejo The northern part of Cali, 'bout my mail Struggle and strive all my life in a world of grief Sucker motherfuckers wanna knock me of my feet But Imma keep on steppin' and gettin' bigger I'm not a nuttin' ass nigga I'm not a nuttin' ass nigga, just down for my riches Not to long ago I'm off to the bank to cash my cheque The lady teller wouldn't give me no damn respect She started acting hella snotty, kinda prejudiced I guess she didn't like the way that a nigga was dressed Before I could even get my foot in the door, right The bitch already had a brother like me stereo-typed Ready to push the button with no delay I said wait a minute, baby, you mistakin' me for Andre I'm not a ... rat head wanna be I wouldn't rob a fuckin' bank for publicity I get it honestly, legally so have no fear I make more in a week than you do in a year Straight out tha geto, hillside resident Sick wid it records and tapes, and I'm the president So don't go thinkin' that every brother is out to get ya I'm not a nuttin' ass nigga I'm not a nuttin' ass nigga, just down for my riches Sometimes my language is vulgar, lotsa profanity I try not to trip when kids parents be sweating me 18 and over, that's what you gotta be To purchase my tape and make sure you got I.D. That's all I can say so mommy and daddy need to peep It ain't my fault the kids dump it off the streets They hear it at school, walkin' home and everywhere they go And most of the violence come from movies on HBO The shit that I be spittin' is real cause I'm real see I'm out to make a meal, do you feel me Holdin' my own cause I'm grown and intelligent Try to knock my hustle? That shit is irrelevant I'm not a nuttin' ass nigga, just down for my riches

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