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Six Feet

  • Исполнитель:

    Strung Out
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Six Feet”

  • A family man in the midst of a total breakdown seeks refuge inebriated state As he thinks to himself how did life pass me by - somewhere down The line I forgot how to live now every day is just another chore, Another day, another week, another year. The world slowly turns, but this rut never ends - one blink of an eye then it's gone. So he puts his faith in the Almighty Lord up above, he's told for all good men Heaven awaits Well I can't wait any longer when's it my turn to see the light that'll come and take my troubles away? Now he spends his days preaching what he does not believe, to a world that's forgotten how to live and he can't understand the empty Feelin' inside that seems to grow every hour, every day. What's it take to be a man, when everything I'm taught I can't believe And everything is thrown right in my face? I wake up everyday, I live here among The dead and I am one of them. Is this how it's gotta be? For you and me Open your eyes take a look a round think nice thoughts then it's off to work I go! Now it's back to the hustle and it's back to the beat It's back to another forty hour week. Soon that weekend will come I'll get to have a little fun then it's back to my forty hour grave

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