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  • Исполнитель:

    Jurassic 5
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Jayou”

  • Yeah, testing, testing, one two Uhh, one Press the panic button God [all] We be the crew, guess who, the Jayou R-A-double-S, I-C, we're in the place to be, it don't stop We got the rhythm that makes your fingers snap, crackle, pop pop, fizz fizz We're known to give a show plus handle our biz-ness Stress, we'll destroy We're known to make noise as the original b-boys in the flesh, greater to the depth Creates the ill scenes when we manifest, yes I feel the vibe I feel the vibe too Cause it's the butter from the crew CAUSE WE ORIGINAL, WHO Wanna tussle? Flex for the muscle? WHILE WE KICK THE STYLE THAT BUSTS YOUR BLOOD VESSLES With the rhythm The ninety-six stylism PICK UP A PILL AND FEEL EM KILL EM WITH YOUR VOCALISM Yeah, I shoot the gift puffin another cold spliff Fools are coming quicker than Anna Nicole Smith Malginant metaphors and ganja stay herbs We conjugate verbs and constipate nerds LIKE YOU I'm hear to end the conspiracy, fearlessly So you can really see the real MC's AT HAND I'm tuna fish on the stickshift The eclectic hectic, desperate to set trip And for the niggaz who feel, that they're 24-karat Plus, the way you're livin get your undewater baptism Believe it or not, it's the rugged and raw Put a bullet in the head of four in Mount Rushmore Yeah, release the beast from within, baptise gins Keep company with friends that repel sin I'm out to win ain't no pretendin, fuck the first amendment My speech was free, the day that my soul descended [all] Earthbound, we might sound various Some niggaz can rhyme, but they got no character So we preparin you for war, don't give up the fight You need to stand up for your rights And grab a mic and get loose, produce the juice that keeps the head on collosion with the New World Order opposition Competition, none, there's only one in the universe that knows the final outcome We got incarcerated minds, men women and enzymes Vibin off the rhymes sent from the di-vine ESSENCE PRESENCE EFFERVESENCE, not to be contested Some miss the message, GO AHEAD AND BLESS THIS So don't mistake us for a crew that used to hit We on some underground certified Wild Style shit [all] We be the crew, guess who, and it'll be The Jayou, ninety-five A.D. Be be causin ramifications, physicians sendin brothers on grammar vacations, if they don't listen Competition, bustin shots on people basin But we can delete constipation [all] Jurassic, 5, MC's And we got the cure for this rap disease So come on everybody let's all get down Cause I'm down by law and I know my way around

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