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Long Road To Glory

  • Исполнитель:

    Jurassic 5
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Long Road To Glory”

  • (All) J-U-R-A-S-S-I-C-F-I-V-E (Chali 2-na) He who is without sin Cast the first stone Blast the verse No matter the class I'm vers'tile Kickin' it for you hipocritic berzerk ohms I'm hopin' at worst Hopin' the words that touch home And clutch domes Ya' think Electrical sockets and wet feet How you infinitely get sleep The minute we get deep Ladies and 'gents peep One hundred percent heat Up undersea mistreats Now I'll leave you mince meat Yes I'm from UNITY My last name sits in the middle of opportunity (Huh) With two-laid plans and new-made fans My crew raid lands and punch like the Kool-Aid Man Chorus: (All) It was a long road to glory (All) Battle for territory Just to be called the masters of the ceremony Marathon Decathalon Word-play Mega-bomb Metabolism With the rhythm Keep it goin' on (2X) (Soup) The epitomy Five-hundred thousand so convincingly Street ministry J-5th-a-tune infantry Finna be About to be The best kept commodity Twelve incher LP We're representin' properly Now possibly the knock could be That old school philosophy That if it doesn't rock a beat It's not considered property Remember me Remember us Ice Cold Cold Crush 1920 Gold Rush Rollin' up Hold up! Now aint no need For you to be surprised When we impliment and improvise With each and every verse that I Get busy with Lacing it with murder talk Turn a 'sault Tom-A-Hawk Razor sharp Tribal walk (All) Fresh gear We're makin' our beds And we're doin' lots of things That we never did We went to Paris in the spring-time Bahamas in the fall We thank Alla We're doin' it all Chorus (Marc-7even) Pick a paragraph and phrase it Mentally you save it Kick it to the world and Suddenly they crave it Thats the way it is In this verbal warfare Workin' hard for the love But there aint no wars here Years been puttin' On a play with your foot in Cause you'll be comin' back Like the brother Dwight Gooden Seven's back again Slappin' men and askin' them If they really wanna fuck wit' the style we tappin' in (Akil) Hey yo, I just couldn't wait To grab a piece of my own cake So I can elevate And hold my own weight My mind state be the ghetto Street corner heavy metal Black like the pot and tea kettle My street credibility Minus negativity Multiplied energy What attends a few Ability sililoque Of a real MC Tastin' the grammar J5 slamma jamma Chorus (OH) (Here we go) Metabolism with the rhythm Keep it goin' on (scratching) Marathon Decathalon Word-play Mega-bomb (OH) (Here we go) Metabolism with the rhythm Keep it goin' on (scratching) Marathon Decathalon Word-play Mega-bomb

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