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Unified Rebelution

  • Исполнитель:

    Jurassic 5
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Unified Rebelution”

  • Party people, are you with me? Are you with me party people? (Repeat 4x) To the beat y'all, and you don't stop Rock the rhythm that'll make your finger pop Ah to the tic toc, tic tic, tic tism Live and direct is the rebels of rhythm On your radio, turn up the stereo, cause it's working Well I'm the coolest of the cool and they call me Akil Hip-hop fanatic busting lyrical windmills And I'm the international king of all things Creates the ill scene shades for Robin to bring I'm funky fresh, I got style and finesse >From the North to the South to the East and the West And if the roof's on fire put the pen to the paper A fade with the J it's the live motivator And from shore to shore and from sea to sea And everwhere that we go we're in the place to be Like that, rock the house To my man Cut Chemist, rocks the house To my man Charlie 2na, rocks the house And to my brother Nu-Mark, rocks the house And to my man Marc 7even, rocks the house And to my brother Hani, rocks the house And to my brother Kalil, rocks the house And to my brother Faru, turning it out Now the world don't move to the beat of just one drum So it might be right for you, it might not be right for some So come one, come all (hey) big or small Cause I'm guaranteed to rock y'all out of your drawers Biting MC's always get lockjaw I'm not Volume T, but I'm harder than all y'all And just in case you forget the way we will be rocking it >From here until the next time flexing with the fat rhymes One time prime time flowing with the fatness Many shades of skin cream, hip styles of blackness Match this, never practice makes perfect Sharp like the edge on a blade that's curved Serve this? Yes, but only when fresh So you don't have to guess the R-E-B-E-L-S Dip dip diver, socializer On the rise, the committee's wiser and will disguise the truth Of the matter we're sick of the idle chatter The data we pitter patter we'll splatter just like a platter Infected uncontrollably, follow me, come on go with me Cause you know it be Tuna and Marc 7even Heaven does await us, put here to sedate us Make us in His image with with ?glimmage? Never perfect we're tripping, by a force unseen But we divulged its presence, so this rap goes back to the essence Lessons have been written from the end, but you're soon to see Kalil in community, rebels of rhythm unity Yeah, and you don't stop You got the rhythm that makes your fingers pop (Repeat 2x) It goes 1 2 3, 3 2 1 An apple to a pear to a peach to a plum Listen to the drum, does it make your ears numb? Here it comes, here it comes, here it kiddy comes comes I'm independent, good to the limit Never in my life been to the VD clinic Salute me but I'm not a lieutenant Down with Nu-Mark and my man Cut Chemist My name is Marc 7even, yes indeed And ain't another MC that can touch my tree Down with unity and the rebels three Grab the microphone and release your seed And the formula for me to get bent And the spot was never hit if I didn't leave a fingerprint X the fact with colonial combat Eating steak and other shit in the house of wax And uh like ????? don't ever think of jacking me Never gun-packing because that if I like to begin With not a dimwit angry over somewhat (why?) Brothers keep holding me back, I'm about to go nuts, man Niggas know I paid my dues and shit I'm about to blow the fuck up because I refuse to quit And this one is dedicated to the crews that bit I'm about to blow the fuck up because I refuse to quit I'm tired of keeping my trust and getting used and shit I'm about to blow the fuck up because I refuse to quit It doesn't matter who's fatter, who's wack, or who's legit I'm about to blow the fuck up because I refuse to quit

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