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Eyes Of Horror

  • Исполнитель:

    Mystic Circle
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Eyes Of Horror”

  • Peer into the eyes of horror So dark and cold Will follow you, till life has run out Peer into the eyes of death Playing with your fear Trying to dishearten till the last step You think you're strong, but feeble you are Your narcism won't keep revenge at bay You think you're smart can avoid it all Your guillibility will make you vulnerable Dark and cold are the eyes of horror Sublime the claws of death Mystic and dangerous the eyes of horror Pulling you like a magnet Look into the eyes of deceit Their promise false, only want your soul for a perverted game Look into the eyes of darkness, can you withstand? Concealing the lust and the joy of hell You say you're the greatest, but you're nothing A wailing shadow without personality You say you're brave, stand up and fight The great war against the church lies ahead Look into the eyes of greed, they promise much Suck your blood till death creeps upon you Look into the eyes of insanity, don't get to near Don't get to near, they'll burn you faster than you can run You think you're mighty, control is yours Only a marionette in their game You think you're sublime, no one can hurt you, they breed you till desolation

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