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Baby's House


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Baby's House”

  • Inside her silver house, alone She sings a song Of water turned to sand She waits, her time is her own Inside her looking glass Black is the color she sees While waiting for the sun She lives, so patiently Young man travelling along Passes by a window Singing a song Feel the wind blow As my blood flows Through the shadows Of my soul, today See the rainbows As my love grows My heart knows What my mind won't say The living is easy I'm born to be free The living is easy There's no reason to explain Sitting in her sitting room, patiently She waits for a change, suddenly Oh, the changes come Hearing a song, her blood begins to flow She no longer is alone Lying in her sitting room, silently He touches her hand, joyfully And so love has begun With joy in her heart She receives his flowing soul And love grows And it grows And it grows Inside her purple house Oh Lord, filled by her man A child begins to grow Oh Lord, who can understand

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