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C.C. Rider / All Blues


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “C.C. Rider / All Blues”

  • [Crowd:] Jungle Love! Jungle Love! Jungle Love! [Steve:] You know you can't have everything you want, now. You have to leave 'em wantin' something. (Maniacal laughter) Well, see, C. C. Rider Just see what you have done Lord, Lord, Lord C. C. Rider, see what you have done Well, you made me love you And now I got to move on Well, I'm goin' Goin' away, baby Yeah, and I won't be back until fall Yeah, I'm goin' away, baby Won't be back until fall And if I find me a good gig I might not be back at all [Spoken:] [Steve:] Oh, Bobby, I wonder if you know what I'm talkin' about. [Sax Solo] [Steve:] Mr. Bobby Mallach [Steve:] Believe it's time to go over to the doctor. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's true. We have a doctor of philosophy in the band and whenever we, we need the answer, we have to go over to talk to Dr. Sidran, our musical director. Are you in tonight, doctor? [Ben Sidran:] I am in, yes, the doctor is ready. [Steve:] Will you take the case? [Ben:] I will take the case, it's an interesting case. [Steve:] Okay, thank you. [Piano Solo] [Steve:] I feel much better thank you. Mr. Ben Sidran, Dr. Sidran. Yeah. Courage. [Ben:] Courage, forward. [Steve:] Well, we want to thank you, ladies and gentlemen, you've been a great audience and we have enjoyed playing for you. We want to remind you that we will be back this summer, and we will play Jungle Love then. And we'll probably be playing something new. We want to give you something to think about, and we hope you'll come along with us while we think about it, too. Happy Holidays everybody. Well, I'm gonna get me Get me a pistol Just about as long as I am tall Gonna get me a pistol Just about as long as I am tall I'm gonna shoot my agent And then I'll catch that cannonball

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