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Your Saving Grace


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Your Saving Grace”

  • Winter's people watching As I sail from season's four To join some crazy ladies In a game upon the shore None of them with broken wings But still refuse to fly So with sweetness on my lips I smile a last goodbye And now I spend my life On the velvet side of hell Aimlessly here searching For what I cannot tell The quietness is terrible It's more than I can stand But thousands now stand cheering As my blood flows in the sand [Spoken:] You're not the child You thought you were You wake up in the night And know you're blind And yet they keep on pushing Trying the insides of your mind Forever, forever arresting to control Until the emptiness of heaven welcomes your weary soul Rise up with the new dawn's early morning Feel the sunshine warm upon your face Tomorrow's come a long, long way to help you Yes, it's your saving grace Every day, every way Tomorrow, it's your saving grace Well, now got no time to worry Cause I've got no time to hurry Baby, it's your saving grace Now don't you lay those blames on me Don't you play those games on me Cause baby it's your saving grace You got to need a little lovin' Now baby it's your saving grace Hey, I feel alright Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Your saving grace Ah, hey, hey, hey Your saving grace La la la la la la la la.... Oh baby, it's your saving grace

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