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In My Nature

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “In My Nature”

  • Verse 1 As I preceed to count my dividends plenty ends that I done made with plenty bitches with plenty men that they done played I'm laid back up in the cut with a cup of yak I raise up with all the game that I've been holdin back take your pumps off bitch let me check out yo heals we pimps from Houston Texas to California for real my pockets hurtin baby I need some financial love so get where you supposed to and, do what you does, get your facial done baby do your physic well, no holdin jail over resent mail, no hoes with no clothes torn up and ripped apart domestic violence bitches want out battered and scared you fake hoes take of your drawls take yo pajamas beat it with a hammer and scrape it across the ground I found a new bitch for MJG, and the Luniz this pimpin got me on cloud 10, I'm feelin zumie Chorus Hustlin, It's in my nature Hustlin, don't be afraid Hustlin, It's in my nature Hustlin, don't be afraid Verse 2 I'm creatin' havok on hood spots the hustle don't quit until the good stop but don't sleep we leavin' cars on wood blocks an lookin for could be nots drivin by lookin wide-eyed gone acid washed jeans T-shirt lookin tyedyed FM beats lettin loose on big trips to Vegas candy green polly dubbed nips lookin outrageous big pimpin and panderin, big boostin and gamblin everything is all good until police start manhandlin picture me grappled, scrappled, snatched up by yo asshole indicted on some chump charges that I didn't even ask for gettin hastled by wild boys, like gettin lassoed by cowboys any instructions given he put some more shit on like, now boy like I'm supposed to jump out my Nikes and start sweatin boss said anything, I'm makin the plan to start jettin off oo- ah dont look behind until my shoes stop the only thing on my mind is losin you cop Chorus Verse 3 Someone's knockin at my door, oh, who could it be big baller with the sawed off choppin off all below your knees I testify, not glorify, when I get high tell all that listen what I see through my blood shot eyes my peers they die, why, over they set they ride on cheddar cheese on they knees, how, one to the head behind them keys I dip through, the town on a rocket ship sittin on twinkie smokin sticky, and breathin until my breathe get stinky pops that pinky, never could seem to get his shit together ran like DMC, left me livin thougher than leather, teenage eyes soakin up the streets like a sponge, drugs and guns and freakin hoes seemed to be so fun, from the beginnin I've been sittin tryin to be winnin, dissin bitches fuckin hoes, conversatin with women, workin out pimp ass nigga since my day of birth, its in my blood nigga I'm gonna hustle till I leave this earth Chorus Verse 3 Nigga, it's in my blood to fuck around with these thugs straight villans, drug dealin, 38 snuff consume niggas buck pealin I love millions, plus stackin them chips on up to the ceiling sittin on fat like banks, wit out no scratch and no dank we gettin bank, to set it off like Jada Pinkett in a major way, just witness, business flossin boss playas kickin champagne wishes before this rap business playas I went from rags to riches to havin cash and bad ass bitches since day one, yo nigga been slangin that A-1 yola hit ups savings, for razor blades and bakin soda, paper chasin, usin V-12 to swell up the cola, baby just shakin turnin the liquid form into bolas, I Chef like Raekwon those friends that wanna blaze one come over, dropped the napalm, until you scream straight cream on up, coughin up they lungs they come back screamin for more when it's over, slangin these head rhymes to young soldiers these ??? known as hustlers, nigga Chorus (until end)

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