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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “5150”

  • Behold, your highness, the Luniz are here Bring them in Man where the fuck we at who the fuck are you?? It is I, Jesus, Shock Jesus And what brings you brothers to such an early fate? Man, no what the fuck man Niggaz just shot me man, what the fuck man How dare you use such language in the face of the almighty Fuck you You shall perish (beitch!!) It is my judgement that you shall burn in hell Man, noo for eternity Nooo (the Luniz are here) Ahhh 5150, feel me Psycho disco just go Luni 5150, feel me Psycho disco just go Luni I wish I had cot (what?) I wish I had some cot (why?) So I could sky and have a place to lay my head and plot A broke nigga boney Quick to lick but I could never steal shit from my homies I play acts and make scratch from table scraps and always end up fucked watchin other niggaz backs I broke hamps wit my folks and get pounds but in the mist of funk would they really bust rounds? I get woozie when I inhale all the badness I swear to the Lord when I was young I never had this problem I stressed the fuck out gotta doubt my own niggaz I try to solve my problems wit hamps and liquor I used to swig a 22, graduated to a 64 and now I don't smoke weed no mo' And I ain't knowin where I'm headin Most likely it's the scene of creamery I'm petrified of the whole scenery The game is some shit ya either roll wit Or give up because the game is quick to make a nigga stroke it For less is what I was wishin for it never came true So it came to plannin missions damn near shittin in my drawers I gotta play my part though and take what I can from the niggaz I don't got Scarface nigga I feel ya By any means nescescary That's why they find scary niggaz buried Carried to a whole 'nother place If youse a hard nigga die with a smirk on your face So much drama, I put my best in it Peace, I'd rather live than rather rest in it Where I'm from or where I'm headed, it ain't no love I give thanx that I'm alive to the man up above I'm still takin shit day by day Survin off a nifty, that's why I'm goin 5150 Ripley's won't believe I'm shot, limpin down the block Tryin to scoot out, carry the bloody glock Cause niggaz they plot, it was a shoot out Tryin to take the loot out my pocket But I'm quick to let the glock spit at his 350 rocket Then I split runnin down the block No sense of dick made them bitch made niggaz whip out a guage Then blaze my ribcage, I'm dazed on the ground hella bleeedin ass out I remeber seein somebody put me in a glass house, I passed out Then my spirit arose up out my flesh, I'm old No more bullet holes in my chest A gold vest when I awaken for Mista Go-Tec-9 is awaitin The Lord has no love for playa hatin I'm facin Shock Jesus cause I'm the G-ist nigga to do the job right Because I'm trained up in that mob life Come back tonite strapped tonite He said if I suceed he'll bring my family and dead homies back to life A big ass eagle scooped me up then we bails out Flyin through the cuts goin the secret hill route The whole scene was a disaster Friday the 13th the final chapter Lookin niggaz wit casper the ghost But I float until I smoked the big man Slipped in quick sand He's gonna kill me but my spirit slipped in my body I yelled watch out he's gonna get me They didn't get me, huh, they labelled my ass 5150 Chorus

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