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    Memphis Bleek
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Infatuated”

  • feat. Boxie [Hook: Boxie] I love, love that thing you do And I, I can't get my eyes, my mind off you I'm infatuated And you're my baby, and you complete me Your number, I'll call, and maybe we can hook up later And keep it gangster [Verse 1: Memphis Bleek] My design one of a kind, yeah I'm on my grind Got a shorty that still trip, but I ain't lost my mind I just party and bullshit, my attitude, I'm good ma They say I'm hood rich because I drive big cars Getting Guac, middle finger to cops They say when you meet the one, all the thug should stop I met this shorty the other morning, on my way in y'all She was bad, I didn't call, I'm a day in y'all BUT, thats the rules, we don't make em, we don't break 'em I don't sweat em, I forget 'em and find a way to shack 'em BUT, I put a holla to her, I spit some lava at her She from the burbs, I'm from the jecks, trust that don't matter She into books too, I'm off the books for the things I do But that's between me and you And I don't really phone tag it alot, I'm in the wagon alot With different dimes on the passenger side I'm like... [Hook] [Verse 2: Memphis Bleek] Everyday I'm on my grind, but my minds on you (on you) All the time (all the time) And I scoop you like a soldier would I'm in the woods, top down, like I don't got a hood They say opposites attract, and it's true Cause girl I'm from the gutter, where the bundles will move And you, is from where its cool and quiet at night And ain't no young'ns supplying the white, right But thats a different story, lets get back to the night And you've got a body, I can handle it right?, right And I know you heard about me, beyond the rumors about me I'm the flyest a little youngin could be, be And you'll see with us together, its money, diamonds, whatever Little momma is you riding with me?, me And I love the thing you do, so baby girl never change And forever we can do that thing Cause... [Hook] [Verse 3: Memphis Bleek] Now you know my stees' Cause I ain't gotta smooth that to do that thing And it only took a night to get it right, grip it right, hit it right Figure out that you a rider for life, down for whatever We go through it together You know the boys style, way beyond all the regular I need a switch, like a fiend need a fix Every G, need a down ass chick, to click That's sick... [Hook]

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