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All About Me

  • Исполнитель:

    Memphis Bleek
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “All About Me”

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I give a fuck what you say Extra, I give a fuck what you say Young Guru, lets get these niggaz I give a fuck what you say You know how we do it man, it's 534 Yeah, I give a fuck what you say I give a fuck what you say You know I'm coming through the ville, gripping wheel, what the deal Soak the spot up the hill, bout to get myself a mill In my system this is still how I'm living, just as trill nigga It don't make a difference nigga feel how you feel Just another day on my way to getting paid Niggaz spraying haterade I'm trying to stay out they way Waiving at the babes on the corner like hey Stunting like it's nothing, the performer in me Grab myself a grub, get a hug, give a pound, give a peace, get low I ain't trying to stick around, get a beat, get a girl,get my gamble on Get 'em girls, give 'em hell, keep it moving on out Back at the house, satellite BET, PS2, HD-TV Fight Night night, night Knock the homey out Got the shorty getting aggie looking lonely on the couch [Chorus] And I'm a still hug blocks, Give a fuck what you say Pants sagging, do-ragging, Give a fuck what you say Big chain, Getting change, Give a fuck what you say Cause at the end of the day, yeah it's all about me Big trucks with them rims, Give a fuck what you say Leave at the club with like 10, I Give a fuck what you say Hundred Grand on the pigs, Give a fuck what you say Cause at the end of the day, yeah it's all about me Ain't nothing change but the change, not a lame never been You say fuck me, its fuck you, been the same ever since If you love me, I love you the game I was lent From the OG, H-O he ain't never been A liar, I concur with every word that was sent For the family I give 'em 110 percent For the phony I give 'em 110 of them Nigga 9 M&M I can send it through the wind Back to the grind, pay the hatas never mind Being broke is in the past I pray to never rewind Fine wine dreams, rocking gators lime green Out in Vegas wit my team breaking tables, Yao Ming? Money on the wood make the game go good Have money on the Ave, but the shit never last Puff puff pass nigga that's how we live Everyday, so keep the misery where you is nigga [Chorus] 534, Nigga 4-3-2-1 blast off NASA we got a problem This represents the struggle, the hustle, the bums The rats, the roaches, nigga that's where we from Summer time cookout, open up the Johnny pumps Baby I don't care if you just got your hair done You still getting wet, young hustlers on the steps Trying to follow in the steps, of a vet from the jets Young niggaz act hard, ballers in the back park Me I play the monkey bars, when girls tried to mack hard Back when Kane was blasting from the car I got a, package of Cane brought action to the yard nigga [Chorus]

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