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Understand Me Still

  • Исполнитель:

    Memphis Bleek
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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Understand Me Still”

  • [Memphis Bleek - talking] Yeah you know, just vibe with me, just understand my life And ya don't understand me still I never enjoyed success, but my family did.. And Ama write with that [Verse 1] I eat good, smoke good, you see I push the latest whips with the hottest bitch Take trips to the coast of Bermudas But dog I'm from Flush Ave. where I pop toast for Aruba And I am Proud of myself, cause me true Dog, never acted never lie to myself I been in hollywood and back, guess what I'm Still M Say Number from the blue tops days, I'm still him You dudes think I'm touring like I'm part of you and out But is just about the performance, get the money we out Trying chill, trying to take the wife to eat But most girl, disrescpectful when they try to speak, as if They don't understand, Let me live, Ma I'm with my fam, let me live, and I Try to be nice about being disrespectful One gets respects, when show one respect too [Chorus: Memphis Bleek] + (Rell) But you don't understand me still I never enjoyed success, but my family will And Ama write with that (Ama write with that, Ama write with that) But you don't understand me still I never enjoyed success, but my family will And Ama write with that (Ama write with that, Ama write with that) [Verse 2] Yo.. I take it back home every chance I get Because I've been through every ghetto, but home I can't forget Wish I could take em all, on this ride with me But it wont be real, and if you asked it aint be reality I only fucked with a few, and If you real you know Soon you go, but if not, you don't yeah. We still family right, that's what you leave me to believe But ya don't understand my life I took Dre down to South Beach, just to show him what A few ones to do When you amongst your crew, we living I never picture I could ever loose him But I found myself with the thoughts that I'ma loose him I put the stash up, I'm just trying to save his life Just moved moms, had to moved her twice... down to Miami I thank God everyday of my life, that I could provide for my family [Chorus] [Verse 3] Yo.. My brother survive, now everybody's doing fine I kept my moms away, to let her enjoy life I wish I could do the same, but I cant theirs work to do Rent due, there's more work to do I copped bikes let my niggaz ride them I copped coupes, let my niggaz drive them I'm proud to see my niggaz wilding, cause I remember them days They still vivid of me, huggin the block, young soul committed When I wrote rhymes dayly To get my flow up pray one day They whole world could hear me I love it when the crowd recited every word of it When they bounce, Let me know that they all a part of it That two things make me proud of my life I thought I had it all, but the best give was life The third ??? I'ma brand new father Of a Healthy baby boy and its making me work harder [Chorus] [Rell - singing Outro] ya'll don't know, ya'll don't know And I'ma write with that All this cold nights risking my life But it's all good but misunderstood, ya don't know

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