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School Boy Crush


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “School Boy Crush”

  • Meet me in the playground at a quarter to four Wait till everybody's [long] gone There must be so many things that we can explore Maybe I can walk you home If it starts to rain - we can take some shelter I'd like to hold your little hand My heart is spinning like a helter-skelter We'll get to know each other if we can Chorus She said hey - wait a minute - hold on She said hey - just a little bit - hold on When ever I try to think of what it feels like to feel it For the frst time, and was it really such a thrill She said look, boy - but don't you touch that ain't much - only a school boy crush Got to keep this secret - can't take no chance Don't want nobody else to know There is nothing wrong with trying to start a romance [But] we should take it rather slow If we play it cool - It'll be all right Don't let the teacher see us talking But after school we will be out of sight Everybody gonna think we just gone walkin' Repeat Chorus

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