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Big City Lights


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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Big City Lights”

  • Hey - (look at) those big city lights They won't shine tonight for me It's raining - I'm walking the streets My heart is way down - down in my shoes Talking, talking to myself, There's nobody else who can hear me Your love put me on the corner When I came back and found you were gone Tonight I feel the city won't let me come home Hey - (look at) those big city lights They used to be so friendly to me I came to New York to make it our home Now you've gone and left me here - here on my own East side, West side - who's on my side If I could find where you are I might know Laughing and drinking with bad weather friends Makes me forget for a while But every time I drain my glass all I can see is your smile Hey - (look at) those big city lights Buildings closing in on me Hey - (look at) those big city lights Only make it harder to see I can't believe you really left me All this time you said I was your man, But I'm gonna find you, and I know that I can, know that I can Hey - Tell me what about those big city lights REPEAT

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