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Speak On It

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  • [Kurupt: Intro Talking] There's only one death row everybody else is imitates Can't stop more gang riding First of all let me break this shit down for ya nigga We gonna do it like this lil' home girl in the house Let me tell you bitch niggaz something check it First of all ain't no new motherfucking Tupac's nigga DMX ain't the new Tupac, Ja Rule ain't the new Tupac And I'll be damned if 50 Cent is the new Tupac Ain't no new Tupac's motherfucker Shit get off Tupac dick nigga Ain't no new motherfucking biggie smalls punk Nas ain't biggie ain't no new motherfucking new biggie smalls nigga Get off biggie's dick motherfucker (Shit Shit) Nigga let the legends be (Punk) Yeah everybody wanna go to war First thing they do when they go to war Is wait a little bit, make some money And then go holla at arcane Man fuck that get off arcane's dick nigga (Shit) Cowards there's a lot of issues going on Another thing ain't never been no east coast, west coast war motherfucker Nigga war was real they were between individuals not coast You motherfucking hyped up ass media motherfuckers Get off our dicks (Nigga) Trying to make things bigger than they are And all you funny ass labels that roll with it Like there is an east coast, west coast war shut the fuck up Nigga, you coward, you punks the reals is back [Chorus] 4X Speak on it, speak on it, speak on it, speak on it now [Kurupt: Verse 1] Stop talkin' about shit you don't know what you talkin' bout Never was there what you talkin' bout Everything you don't know about Don't think cause your cool with Snoop That you can do anything that you wanna do First it's war next its donation false mediation about situations Take over conversations nigga stop acting like a bitch Stand up just like a man get your game together Before a nigga gotta teach you some table manners Like Kokane said 'To all you suckers get your motherfucking Knuckles off the table motherfuckers? I smoke me a cigarette nigga knew ports Just came up with some other knew thoughts Like people get paid when we smashing on our own Doing what we want I smash them on my own Get the black and the brownie few Put K's and 9's in the hood Put crack and crash in the same area So we can make it look no good Blame it on hip-hop and gangsta rap All why these streets keep polluting All off the murders and all the shootings All off the hood niggaz trapped and stuck Fucked nigga blame it on Kurupt Or how Tha Dogg Pound is broken up Cause I just don't give a fuck C. Delores Tucker use to burn our records Rivernal shockers use to burn our records Now niggaz making money off other rappers So beat a dick and eat it or eat a dick and beat it Back in the days you were professional clappers Clappers turn rapper, rappers turn actors Doing it big and everybody wanna show niggaz where they live Nigga I'ma tell you niggaz like this Get the fuck off a real niggaz dick And break bread nigga [Chorus] 4X Speak on it, speak on it, speak on it, speak on it now [Kurupt: Outro Talking] You know what I'm so burnt with these busters For real ey tom these niggaz don?t understand Ey sparks these niggaz are marks (Too much) Fuck em?, Fuck em?, Fuck em?, Fuck em?

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