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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “Game”

  • Game, street lessons, game, game Chapter one, alright go, yeah yeah, yo yo yo Haha, one two, this is what is up, nigga (freeze) Only the survivors survive in the world of survival Where your rivals always wanna make it seem like they're gonna do things and always concocting schemes and plots You know exactly what it is (you know!) You know exactly how it's gonna be (ha) haha (you'll never catch me fool) What, five lessons, five chapters, I'ma start How you gonna make a couple dollars When you roam in zones filled with cowards Ain't no way to make no real cash nigga Conceal your canning, all you do is flash nigga (motherfucker) I can tell, fool, you'll never get paid 'Cause niggaz like you ain't got no real game With all them niggaz that you got by your side You learned by yourself that the only way to ride I'ma put you up on (game) This whole world revolves around (game) Pure indeed game, and let it obtain I roll with my girl and weeds All oversees with loot like I'm flipping keys I heard niggaz gonna catch me on a slipping tip Come through with the auto's, cock, flip and shit (hell no) But I knew from the giddy-up, like EST And got rid off my fo'-fifty and my G.S.3 I got... Chorus (2x): (game) This whole world revolves around (game) Pure indeed game, and let it obtain Once you realize you'll never live without (game) Get paid without, no moves made without (game) It's the force, the call of the holocaust Go against the source, end up lost The portrait of a wild puma Silent penetration like poison, pinpointing Isolating hearts, poetical poisonous darts Puncture like needles, I always take care of my peoples Verbals vital, no rivals, there's no equals, no sequels With no one to help us I'll leave you crying for help and helpless and healthless, wealthless Oversellers envious and jealous Bitches and sneaks, pants and muscles I saw a view through the eyes Fake ass, bitch ass niggaz in disguise Keep calm, release the neutron napalm bomb on young hawks Splitting wigs like logs, cloudy visions like fogs When the pump gets to pumping, niggaz get to jumping like frogs, smoke like bungs Get to stepping, stepping with your weapon Pause, creep crapped and left in the puddle in seconds Fuck 'em with veterans, with game... Chorus (2x) One time, on time Give it to me all, 'cause I want it all Give it to me all, 'cause I love to brawl Give it to me all, 'cause I want it all One time, yeah I love to brawl One time (give it up), one time (give it up) Check it out It's hard to sustain and maintain through life With these motherfuckers throwing niggaz three strikes The homie big Lou got a fo' on deez That's the word, came up from flipping birds Words travel like black talents The homie's loud at silence, real G's move in silence How you gonna make it to the next stage If one second you're broke, the next minute paid Now you got the police planning Niggaz on the street scanning, loading up cannons If it was me, I'd move silently Prepare warfare, react violently Lou is too flashy, new clothes (???) with hoes, and got penetrated He had too many hoes knowing where he resides Soon as he got home niggaz was waiting in sight, no game Shh... Know what? Chorus (3x)

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