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I'm Telling You

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  • Текст, перевод и аккорды “I'm Telling You”

  • Now picture a dilemma, who would figure a nigga... Would configure a vivid iamge of such an enigma, Shivering and quivering, and Developing and mentally evolving... Problems are being solved in content, so follow the monologue, and post your consent, Get into the mind frame, maintain the strain... Struggle, hassle, tussle, take the road that I came avoid mixing veins, drugs and brains, This is affecting how your effected by the everyday essence... Dont neglect this, cuz now all your doubts are corrected, cuz this verse is hypnotizing, more they likely your realizing... My style is so prolific and death defying, my souls crying... Im harmonizing with the pain, and Hell is dividing... And Im Wasting my time in forums where Satanist reside in, My flow is Brick stiff, Not fregit, you cant fix it, I spit multiple mulites continuous like numerical digits, All your war songs, I done lived it, Dont forget this, when times are strict, And your out of words cuz Ive already murdered the alphabet, And your helpless, wondering, hoping that you can counterfeit... Cuz your rhymeless, wordless, as if you were trying to be a Wordsmith, I proclaim my self to own the verbal and text style, Im immaculate, Creative when I flip and digest some words and adjectives, Shit on you like a had drank a bottle of laxatives, Im actively a Atheist. Should I have went on..... 1 Atheist

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